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10 Great Robot Toys Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

10 Great Robot Toys Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

Toys have reached a new level of sophistication. Toy robots have not only captured the imagination of kids across the world, but also the young at heart.

Presently, there is plenty of fully mechanized robotic superheroes. Today’s toy stores aren’t complete without an aisle or two of the most technologically advanced and latest toy robots in the world.

Looking for a great robot toy idea? Searching for the best gift for your child? The following are the top 10 great robot toys ideas that you can share with your friends:


#1: Orbotix Ollie

Orbotix Ollie is specially built for speed. It’s among the best value robots for children. The toy is durable and rugged. Tailored for the outdoors, it can move at blinding speeds or 14 mph. it has the ability to program moves such as flip, drift, spin by utilizing app-powered tricks.

With such wonderful features, children can create, master as well as share different combinations with their friends. You can also customize Ollie with various hubcaps and tires to conquer any outdoor or indoor terrain.


#2: Sphero 2.0

If it could dream, a little ball might aspire to be the Sphero 2.0. You can take it to race it under furniture, for a jog or for a swim/glow. The other thing you can do with this ball is use it as a game controller or launch it off ramps.

In addition to the fun games that one can play with the ball that zips perfectly around the floor at a staggering 7 ft. per second.

The toy that’s smartphone-controlled comes to life whenever you begin downloading applications, which allow you play augmented reality as well as mixed reality games with it.

For example, when you check the floor of your kitchen or any other setting through the camera of your device when it is running its app.

You’ll notice zombies beneath the table of your kitchen, which you can destroy via the fireball shooting and impressive Sphero. In reality, this robot ball rolls on the floor towards the invisible zombies.

On top of being a powerhouse of fun, the programmable ball allows kids as young as 6 years to learn coding. This is especially true if they have a mind to program the ball to handle simple thing such as follow a preset course.


#3: KIBO

To some people, the sheer idea of a kid learning to code might seem preposterous. However, to those who aren’t limited in terms of their thoughts, it makes perfect sense. Coding is akin to learning a new language.

Without a doubt, early exposure makes a huge difference. The best attribute about learning coding is the fact that it certainly promotes breaking things down to solving problems.

For a kid, learning to code is a two-dimensional process. However, to most educators, it’s a three-dimensional play that’s better for kids.

Enter KIBO … Simply put, it’s a robot which scans bar codes from a color-coded wooden block with images which are connected effortlessly by pegs.


#4: Anki Cozmo

Ever dreamt of having your own little robot ‘friend’ similar to those in movies? The Anki Cozmo might be the best answer. The company promotes this toy robot as a ‘’supercomputer and loyal sidekick’’ merged in one.

Without a doubt, it’s a fun and smart robot. The toy boasts the ability to express hundreds of emotions, sneeze, and fist bump you.

What’s more is that it also knows the name and face of the owner. Cozmo can explore his environment and play games. It certainly is one of the best toy robots out there.


#5: LEGO Mindstorms EV3

The EV3 embodies the concept of what many people think a robot needs to be – a machine that’s specially programmed to handle different tasks.

Its modular design simply means that its robot structure is changeable and programmable so that it handles a job without getting directions at each step.

LEGO EV3 is an incredible transition from pretend play to productivity. This is the best toy for kids with the desire, passion, and potential to build.


#6: Ubooly

Ubooly is a toy that not only listens but also responds to the voice of a person. It also falls asleep whenever ignored. One of the charming attributes about this toy is that you can constantly update it with new songs, games, jokes and stories to ensure that kids remain engaged.


#7: RoboMe

Having a robotic avatar that hangs on your every word is somewhat engaging. That’s exactly what you get when you buy the WowWee’s RoboMe. By sliding your iPod Touch or iPhone Touch into its robotic body, you can give it a face.

It’s possible to play around with individual features on its face like accessories, hair, eyes etc to create unique expressions and looks.


#8: Nano-Falcon Helicopter

The Nano-Falcon is small enough to utilize a lemon as a launch pad. It’s one of the most delightful remote-controlled helicopters you can ever gift your kid with.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, this toy is the smallest RC helicopter. It weighs only 0.38 oz. You can rotate, hover, or execute turns to fly about using the assistance of an infrared controller.


#9: Sparkup Magical Book Reader

Are you into reading stories aloud to your kids but you’re not always available? Well, there’s a high-tech toy to sort you out. Introducing the Sparkup Reader toy. It helps you book and ready your stories once into its microphone.


#10: LittleBits

Ever hoped that creating things with electronics can be as simple as just snapping a couple of blocks together? With littleBits, it’s possible.

These building blocks are color-coded path modules, which your kid can attach to each other. The best part is that he or she doesn’t have to know electronics in order to create amazing things with them.

Additionally, it’s also possible to combine them perfectly with normal objects in order to create uncommon things such as a lively holiday.

Which displays a supernatural santa flying a reindeer when tapped. Your kid can also create a beautiful bow tie, which jiggles at your voice’s sound.


In Summary

Did you know that robotic toys are both fun and educational? With their eerie ability to perform tasks brilliantly as well as respond in human-like ways, there’s something fascinating about toy robots regardless of one’s age.

While most of us adults only dreamt of those in movies, today’s lucky kids can play comfortably with their own robots.

There’s plenty of toy robots for kids in the market. The above are the top 10 great robot toys ideas that you can share with your friends.