Garden Weeding Tools: Overview and Types

Garden Weeding Tools: Overview and Types

Dense planting and heavy mulching help to restrict weed growth but there will always be some part of the garden that needs weeding.

To cater for people’s desire to deal with this often-grueling task, the garden tool manufacturing industry has produced excess gadgets. Beware as many just do not work and are a waste of time and money.

Garden Weeding Tools

Few tested tools are there, which simply fall into two categories like flat bladed hoes that is needed to push and pull under the soil surface to remove the delicate roots of annual weeds and the extractor type tool for deep rooted weeds like dandelion.

Deal on hoe

Hoeing removes shallow-rooted annual weeds but cuts off deep-rooted perennials, which will continue to grow and are best removed using a specialized weeding tool or chemicals.

Hoeing improves drainage, aeration and nutrient dispersal and helps condition the soil. Avoid using the draw hoes if the person is having back problems or arthritis. The chopping action required can cause back strain and impact injuries to joints, tendons and ligaments.

Most full-length hoes require considerable strength and co-ordination to use, but the user does not have to bend and the lighter models can even be used with one arm.

Specialized Weeding Tools

After testing numerous weeding tools over many year’s opportunists who know that all gardeners would love a better way of dealing with weeds create these tools.

While most work to some extent they are often more trouble than they are worth and would not be sold if people could have tried them first.

Points to consider before buying and using weeds are that the most specialized weeding tools work on one weed at a time. So weeding a large area can be very time consuming.

Try to use one before buying; otherwise buy on recommendation from other gardeners, or professional and unbiased magazines can help to solve the problem.

Garden Weeding Tools: Overview and Types

Types Of Garden Weeding Tools

Harpoon style weed extractor is pushed down over deep-rooted weeds and twisted to extract the weed with the root and plug of soil.

It must be used vertically and the weed must be manually removed from the tool. Gripping Weed puller removes all kinds of weeds in cultivated soil but not in lawns or compacted ground.

The blade is pushed into the ground beside the weed, and then the trigger is squeezed so that the claw grips the weed and ready to be pulled out. Weed killer applicator is the plastic tube with liquid weed killer and dab the weed without bending.