Gas Oven – The Oven For Both Home And Industry

Gas Oven – The Oven For Both Home And Industry

Gas oven is used for both homely and industrial purposes. Gas oven is much more economical because it makes use of natural gas.

The gas oven uses electronic or spark ignition rather than a continuously burning pilot light, for lighting of the oven. This saves energy cost and also keeps the kitchen cool especially in summer season.

Gas Oven

Gas Oven Similar To Convection Oven

The gas oven works like a convection oven. This means that the natural gas produces heat from both the upper and lower surface, and the food gets warmed evenly on all sides.

Features Of Gas Oven

Gas oven is the only true-commercial oven type that you can install for your domestic purposes. However, you should know the size of your gas oven, so that you can install it perfectly in the desired spot of your home.

Most freestanding range of gas ovens are 30 inches. Models of 28 inches, 36 inches and 40 inches are also available, but the features remain the same.

Following are the outstanding features of a gas oven:

  • There is an electronic clock to record the time.
  • There are facilities of convection dehydrating with low temperature bake setting and convection defrosting.
  • There are closed doors, infrared convection broiling facilities, 18,000 BTU burners and a forced air fan.
  • The convection Air Baffle, situated just near the convection fans, ensure balanced airflow for even heat distribution.
  • There are oven lights for interior and exterior lighting.
  • It has a rust-resistant surface.

Advantages Of Gas Oven

The gas ovens that are specially made for home have stainless steel or chrome finishes and multiple burners. They also have extra safety measures and insulation added.

The commercial gas ovens have high heat output and are specially recommended for industrial uses. Whether the gas ovens are used for domestic or for industrial purposes, they have several advantages.

  • The cooking time control indicates when the cooking is over.
  • The heavy duty, commercial type oven door handle helps in opening of the gas oven.
  • The porcelain interior with removable bottom and sides helps in easy cleaning.

Gas Oven

You should regularly clean the gas oven with warm soap water and rub it to dryness before you use it for the next time.

But you should maintain absolute safety by making sure that you don’t store any inflammable items near the gas range.

Moreover, use it only for heating, cooking and baking food; never use it for heating the room because that might be dangerous.