How To Cut Tile Like A Pro Using Tile Saw

How To Cut Tile Like A Pro Using Tile Saw

A tile saw is one of the most versatile working tools used in woodwork and other services. The tile saw is used together with water in order to keep the saw blade cool when using it and thus the name WET TILE SAW.

When it comes to the use of the tile saw, one needs to master the techniques of using the tool to make sure that you make good and perfect cuts on the objects being cut.

Once you have mastered the required skills, it will be so much easy to work with the tool. There are different items that the tile saw is used for cutting and one of them is a tile.

Tips on how to cut tile like a pro using a tile saw

Place the tile saw on a leveled and steady surface

The tile saw works just like the rest of powered machine and thus it needs to be positioned on a sturdy and hard surface.

If you have a working table, make sure that table is placed on a stable ground or if you are using the ground, place the tile saw on a well-leveled ground.

This is essential to avoid the device wobbling when making your cuts as it can cause you to make uneven shapes or cuts the tile.

Keep in mind that a tile saw is a sharp device and therefore apart from causing you to make inaccurate cuts, it can also cause injuries. So, be careful when choosing the areas or surface to work from.

Using Tile Saw

Fill the reservoir with water

If you are working with a wet tile saw, then you will need to fill the reservoir with water for easy working. Majority of the reservoirs are equipped at the lower bottom of the machine for easy reach.

Another essential thing you need to keep in mind when filling the tank reservoir is the level of the water required.

Do not put too much water to avoid overflow and also make sure to put enough water that will empower the device to work efficiently.


Place your tile on the cutting table

After you have prepared your tile saw, then you need to position the TILE that you are cutting on the working table.

For accurate cuts on the tile, first off adjust the fence before pushing the tile on the cutting positions. This allows you to have enough space for placing the tile against the blade lines and the marks on the tile.

Also, for safety purposes ensure to leave the wide part of the tile far from the tile in between the fence and the blade. This tactic helps you keep your hands far away from the blade when cutting.

Turn the saw on

Before you start to make any cuts on the tile, make sure that the saw is on and water is being sprayed.

Water is essential to keep the tile saw cool and also to ensure that the device does not overheat when you are making cuts on the tile. Therefore, make sure that there is water being dispersed when cutting the tile.


Feed the tile to the blade

This is the most critical parts that need to be handled with a lot of care since it determines the end result of your cut. A tile should be slowly fed on the blade without forcing or moving it at a high speed.

Why? In case you honestly feed the tile on the blade and immediately start to cut, you may either end up breaking the tile at the edge or even make a wrong cut all through.

So to avoid wastage, make sure this step is done slowly and cautiously.

Tile Saw

Remove the tile

Once the tile has been cut, turn off the machine and remove it gently. Note that if you are working on bulky tiles, it is advisable that you give the machine some time to cool before engaging another piece of tile.

This also enables you to comfortably feed the object on the blade.



As long you follow the right procedures when cutting a tile using the tile saw, you will be able to make accurate cuts and with ease too. So, follow the above procedures and tips when cutting the tiles to help you have an easy time.