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How to start Wood Working Business

How to start Wood Working Business

Starting a Wood Working Business is perfect for those who love working with wood as a hobby. The quality and design of handmade wood are appreciated worldwide. Everyday furniture, toys, boxes and the like are used. There is a clear market for business opportunities in woodworking.

Many woodworking products are marketable today. Everything from shipping boxes to fittings is made from wood products.

There is also an emerging market for handmade wooden toys. If you have skills and talents, you can earn money in the wood business opportunities.

How to Start Your Woodworking Business Today

Know the required tools

Things you need to start a woodworking business are pretty simple. You need to know your state and local requirements for opening a woodworking business. More importantly, you need to know what types of items you want to produce.

This has a definitive impact on the consumables and tools you need to have at hand. Also, think about joining a trade organization that deals with woodworking. This can help you to advertise your work as well as shows and events to present your most beautiful pieces.

Identify your supplier

You need a good supplier for different woods and woodworking tools. Although you should never use standard materials, quality is essential, especially for toys, furniture, and other practical items your customers use every day. A durable product brings you many recommendations.

Your location

If you have ascertained a relationship with a supplier for your woodworking company, you must consider your area and your advertising. There are different ways you can market your products.

Having a website that gives customers insight into your products is a fantastic way to publicize your name and present your work. Customers who shop online will quickly recommend you if they have a pleasant experience and are satisfied with the purchase result.


Promote your business

There are also more traditional sales opportunities in the area of business opportunities for woodworking. Fairs, flea markets, craft fairs, shopping malls, and small outlet stores are all things that need to be investigated.

Marketing your custom designs in furniture stores and specialty stores is a great way to start your woodworking business at home.

But make sure you do not overbook your business. You have to keep your quality level constant throughout the sales process.

Advertising your Woodworking Business on the Internet, on local bulletin boards, in journals and the like will help you to make a name for yourself and make your name known.

Attending crafts fairs, fairs, and flea markets will allow you to showcase your work and increase sales. All of these opportunities should be used as often as possible to increase your profile and resume.

Attending competitions in the woodworking industry will also help with recommendations and sales increases.

Have a dedication

Do not limit your imagination. Many customers ask for custom work. Make sure that the direction of the project is clear when processing sales orders.

Design copyright must be observed. If a customer has a copyrighted design he wants to create for you, you should be aware of it. However, you can also copyright your designs.

This could lead to higher revenues in your woodworking Business.

Fashion and home decor trends are also at your side in this industry. Beautifully made wooden bowls and home accessories are always popular.

If you are engrossed in these types of small jobs, remember that they are relatively cheap to ship and produce great online products.

There is also the artistic side of the woodworking business. Sculptures, frames and other art objects can be sold as well as furniture. Your only limit in woodworking is your imagination and your courage to try new things.



Woodworking can be an entertaining and profitable career. The carpenter can create not only a practical artisan but also an artist. If you have tried woodworking, now imagine that as a career.

How To Cut Tile Like A Pro Using Tile Saw

How To Cut Tile Like A Pro Using Tile Saw

A tile saw is one of the most versatile working tools used in woodwork and other services. The tile saw is used together with water in order to keep the saw blade cool when using it and thus the name WET TILE SAW.

When it comes to the use of the tile saw, one needs to master the techniques of using the tool to make sure that you make good and perfect cuts on the objects being cut.

Once you have mastered the required skills, it will be so much easy to work with the tool. There are different items that the tile saw is used for cutting and one of them is a tile.

Tips on how to cut tile like a pro using a tile saw

Place the tile saw on a leveled and steady surface

The tile saw works just like the rest of powered machine and thus it needs to be positioned on a sturdy and hard surface.

If you have a working table, make sure that table is placed on a stable ground or if you are using the ground, place the tile saw on a well-leveled ground.

This is essential to avoid the device wobbling when making your cuts as it can cause you to make uneven shapes or cuts the tile.

Keep in mind that a tile saw is a sharp device and therefore apart from causing you to make inaccurate cuts, it can also cause injuries. So, be careful when choosing the areas or surface to work from.

Using Tile Saw

Fill the reservoir with water

If you are working with a wet tile saw, then you will need to fill the reservoir with water for easy working. Majority of the reservoirs are equipped at the lower bottom of the machine for easy reach.

Another essential thing you need to keep in mind when filling the tank reservoir is the level of the water required.

Do not put too much water to avoid overflow and also make sure to put enough water that will empower the device to work efficiently.


Place your tile on the cutting table

After you have prepared your tile saw, then you need to position the TILE that you are cutting on the working table.

For accurate cuts on the tile, first off adjust the fence before pushing the tile on the cutting positions. This allows you to have enough space for placing the tile against the blade lines and the marks on the tile.

Also, for safety purposes ensure to leave the wide part of the tile far from the tile in between the fence and the blade. This tactic helps you keep your hands far away from the blade when cutting.

Turn the saw on

Before you start to make any cuts on the tile, make sure that the saw is on and water is being sprayed.

Water is essential to keep the tile saw cool and also to ensure that the device does not overheat when you are making cuts on the tile. Therefore, make sure that there is water being dispersed when cutting the tile.


Feed the tile to the blade

This is the most critical parts that need to be handled with a lot of care since it determines the end result of your cut. A tile should be slowly fed on the blade without forcing or moving it at a high speed.

Why? In case you honestly feed the tile on the blade and immediately start to cut, you may either end up breaking the tile at the edge or even make a wrong cut all through.

So to avoid wastage, make sure this step is done slowly and cautiously.

Tile Saw

Remove the tile

Once the tile has been cut, turn off the machine and remove it gently. Note that if you are working on bulky tiles, it is advisable that you give the machine some time to cool before engaging another piece of tile.

This also enables you to comfortably feed the object on the blade.



As long you follow the right procedures when cutting a tile using the tile saw, you will be able to make accurate cuts and with ease too. So, follow the above procedures and tips when cutting the tiles to help you have an easy time.

How to Keep Your Kitchen Knives in Top Condition

How to Keep Your Kitchen Knives in Top Condition


Like everything else that you use, your kitchen knives might go dull from lot of usage. No wonder. You use your knife daily for cutting vegetables, chopping meat and slicing food when you sit down with your family for a meal.

You might have had a problem? Your food is not cut properly? Maybe you knife needs a bit of sharpening.

Sharpening you knife might be a bit hard in beginning, but these 4 steps will ease that by a lot. Keep them in mind and keep your kitchen knives sharp all the time.

Honing rod

A honing rod, sometimes called a sharpening steel, is a metal device that resembles a long stick or even a miniature sword.

It will help you realign metal on your dull knife without removing big amount of metal from your blade. Using the rod is actually pretty easy. Hold the knife in your dominant hand and the rod in your other one.

Keep your fingers away from the blade. The knife should be at 20 degree angle relating to rod. Move you knife across the rod, from your knife’s hill to the tip. Repeat this step on the other side of the blade.

Store properly

Instead of throwing your knives in the dishwasher or keeping it with other utensils, you should find the storage for your knives only.

It can be a drawer or a wooden block and what would also be great is a knife block that you can use for a whole set of knives.


Throwing the knives in a dishwasher might not be that smart. At first, it seems like a good idea to get them clean, but water, heat, and detergent will dull them very quickly. Washing them by hand instead will help them stay sharp for longer period of time.

Kitchen Knives

Right surface

The surface that you have chose for cutting can affect the sharpness of knives. You should better avoid metal surfaces, for example, aluminum, granite, and stainless steel.

Wood, polyethylene, and plastic would be great. Your knives will be safe if your cutting boards are of the right material.


All in all, we have pointed some of the best ways of how to keep your kitchen knives in top condition. Given everything that we mentioned, follow these simple steps and hints that will help you keep your valuable kitchen knives in their best condition.

How To Take Care and Organize Your Socket Set Properly

How To Take Care and Organize Your Socket Set Properly

One does his job as good as their tools are. Therefore, proper tools and artistry is a recipe for quality work in any field of work. With the tools, you get what you pay for.

Good tools from a reputable company offer more extended service are low maintenance, unlike the poor quality tool sets.

What is a socket set?

According to Jcer blog ,The socket set is one of the universal tools used together with a wrench or any other tool to act as a fulcrum to turn to fasten or loosen bolts or nuts.

The socket set comes in a range of sizes and designs for different uses, thus the name universal. The ratchet arm also comes in different variations for use different situations.

Both the ratchet arms and the sockets sets require care to ensure they last longer and in good condition. The organization is also an essential tool to have a precise record keeping of the tools and their conditions prior.

What are the tools made of?

Most of the tools are made of steels alloyed with a variety of other elements to enhance their performance characteristics. Steel by itself offers strength but has some undesirable features such as corrosion.

The alloying elements improve the hardness, ductility, and strength that are crucial to the tools that need to absorb sock during work and resist deformation.

Commonly used alloying elements used combinations are chrome and vanadium, chrome and molybdenum or all the three elements. However, some tools are made of specific steels made by the manufacturer.

You can always get more information about particular tools from the manufacturer’s website or manuals. Check this link will help you to know more info.


Care and maintenance of a socket sets

The socket set has various components each experiencing unique wear. The socket sets being made of steels allows they are prone to corrosion due to exposure to the elements, water, and oxygen.

Corrosion compromises the socket sets mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy if left unchecked. Depending on the area of use, the tools are exposed to moisture and air, which provide conducive ambiance for the corrosive reactions.

It is true the sockets come with a protective layer done via plating, alloying or paint coating. However, over time, the painted or plated surfaces wear out leaving the steel exposed and prone to rusting or corrosion.

During use, the sockets pick up scratches, the handle coatings peel off or get smeared with chemical substance or oil and grease.

Some of the chemicals corrode the metal if not cleaned off. Through proper maintenance though, this can be managed to increase the tool life. The maintenance’s practices include:

  • Cleaning of the socket set after every work to remove any chemicals that could corrode the tools surfaces and keep them clean.
  • Wipe dry any tools of water to prevent any rusting.
  • Replace worn out handles to protect your hands and improve ergonomics during handling.
  • Oiling parts to exposed parts to act as a temporary preventive method in between jobs.

The wrench arm connects to the socket by use of a drive square. The connection allows multi-directional movements, either clockwise or anticlockwise for more ease during use.

It employs a gear locking mechanism that with continued use are worn out due to friction between the moving parts. It can be managed by:

  • Ensuring the gears are adequately lubricated to reduce wear and increase service life.

The inner socket side and the drive socket slot sockets come into contact with their mating sections such as bolts and nuts.

In the process, they are yield and develop cracks or deformed. The exposed inner steel becomes exposed to corrosive elements.

Also due to the deformations, they tend to lose their dimensional accuracy and slip during work or deform nuts or bolts too. This can be managed through:

  • Protecting the exposed steel can be done by chrome plating, paint or oiling the exposed surface to the elements.
  • Worn out sockets through deformation or cracking depending on the severity of the damage upon inspection can be repaired or replaced

Socket Set Organization

Part of proper care and maintenance is a good organization. The socket set comes with some different sized sockets and wrenches for use in various positions.  Proper labeling of the tools makings it easy and quick to find the right plug.

Also keeping track of these sockets and the wrenches can be an overwhelming task after a work a busy day working.  The only means to keep check of the tools to avoid misplacement is through proper organization.

The tool organization can be done using:

  • Foam Inserts and Plastic Molded Trays

Many of the socket sets come with a foam briefcase with slots designed to fit specific size socket and wrenches. They offer an excellent means of organization, and any missing socket can be quickly noted.

It is also easy to carry around especially when your job demands a lot of movement. However, it has a downside.

Any additional purchase not factored in by the manufacturer does not get space in the trays, and this can be a headache having to get another separate case.

  • Plastic or metal socket rail clips or racks

These are clips made of plastic or metals in different sizes and can be fitted in a rail or pinned in a long track on the wall.

They offer a more room for storing tools in a sorted manner, and additional sockets can be easily accommodated.

However, they are cumbersome limiting their portability and are more suited for stationary workshops or big toolboxes.

  • Labeling of Sockets

The socket sets come labeled from the manufacturer. However, with time, these labels may wear out or not properly visible depending on the placement position on the rack.  The use of labeling stickers and sockets tags are used in such cases.

The socket tags are fit in the socket and are recommended for sockets stored the inside facing up. Labeling stickers can be used for wall racks or sockets stored upright, with the curved face-up.


Tools also require a level of commitment maintenance in storage. Preventive maintenance helps keep the tools in right working conditions.

Good maintenance habits help you save on unnecessary replacements costs too. Therefore, ensure you get the best of the tools there is in the market.

10 Great Robot Toys Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

10 Great Robot Toys Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

Toys have reached a new level of sophistication. Toy robots have not only captured the imagination of kids across the world, but also the young at heart.

Presently, there is plenty of fully mechanized robotic superheroes. Today’s toy stores aren’t complete without an aisle or two of the most technologically advanced and latest toy robots in the world.

Looking for a great robot toy idea? Searching for the best gift for your child? The following are the top 10 great robot toys ideas that you can share with your friends:


#1: Orbotix Ollie

Orbotix Ollie is specially built for speed. It’s among the best value robots for children. The toy is durable and rugged. Tailored for the outdoors, it can move at blinding speeds or 14 mph. it has the ability to program moves such as flip, drift, spin by utilizing app-powered tricks.

With such wonderful features, children can create, master as well as share different combinations with their friends. You can also customize Ollie with various hubcaps and tires to conquer any outdoor or indoor terrain.


#2: Sphero 2.0

If it could dream, a little ball might aspire to be the Sphero 2.0. You can take it to race it under furniture, for a jog or for a swim/glow. The other thing you can do with this ball is use it as a game controller or launch it off ramps.

In addition to the fun games that one can play with the ball that zips perfectly around the floor at a staggering 7 ft. per second.

The toy that’s smartphone-controlled comes to life whenever you begin downloading applications, which allow you play augmented reality as well as mixed reality games with it.

For example, when you check the floor of your kitchen or any other setting through the camera of your device when it is running its app.

You’ll notice zombies beneath the table of your kitchen, which you can destroy via the fireball shooting and impressive Sphero. In reality, this robot ball rolls on the floor towards the invisible zombies.

On top of being a powerhouse of fun, the programmable ball allows kids as young as 6 years to learn coding. This is especially true if they have a mind to program the ball to handle simple thing such as follow a preset course.


#3: KIBO

To some people, the sheer idea of a kid learning to code might seem preposterous. However, to those who aren’t limited in terms of their thoughts, it makes perfect sense. Coding is akin to learning a new language.

Without a doubt, early exposure makes a huge difference. The best attribute about learning coding is the fact that it certainly promotes breaking things down to solving problems.

For a kid, learning to code is a two-dimensional process. However, to most educators, it’s a three-dimensional play that’s better for kids.

Enter KIBO … Simply put, it’s a robot which scans bar codes from a color-coded wooden block with images which are connected effortlessly by pegs.


#4: Anki Cozmo

Ever dreamt of having your own little robot ‘friend’ similar to those in movies? The Anki Cozmo might be the best answer. The company promotes this toy robot as a ‘’supercomputer and loyal sidekick’’ merged in one.

Without a doubt, it’s a fun and smart robot. The toy boasts the ability to express hundreds of emotions, sneeze, and fist bump you.

What’s more is that it also knows the name and face of the owner. Cozmo can explore his environment and play games. It certainly is one of the best toy robots out there.


#5: LEGO Mindstorms EV3

The EV3 embodies the concept of what many people think a robot needs to be – a machine that’s specially programmed to handle different tasks.

Its modular design simply means that its robot structure is changeable and programmable so that it handles a job without getting directions at each step.

LEGO EV3 is an incredible transition from pretend play to productivity. This is the best toy for kids with the desire, passion, and potential to build.


#6: Ubooly

Ubooly is a toy that not only listens but also responds to the voice of a person. It also falls asleep whenever ignored. One of the charming attributes about this toy is that you can constantly update it with new songs, games, jokes and stories to ensure that kids remain engaged.


#7: RoboMe

Having a robotic avatar that hangs on your every word is somewhat engaging. That’s exactly what you get when you buy the WowWee’s RoboMe. By sliding your iPod Touch or iPhone Touch into its robotic body, you can give it a face.

It’s possible to play around with individual features on its face like accessories, hair, eyes etc to create unique expressions and looks.


#8: Nano-Falcon Helicopter

The Nano-Falcon is small enough to utilize a lemon as a launch pad. It’s one of the most delightful remote-controlled helicopters you can ever gift your kid with.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, this toy is the smallest RC helicopter. It weighs only 0.38 oz. You can rotate, hover, or execute turns to fly about using the assistance of an infrared controller.


#9: Sparkup Magical Book Reader

Are you into reading stories aloud to your kids but you’re not always available? Well, there’s a high-tech toy to sort you out. Introducing the Sparkup Reader toy. It helps you book and ready your stories once into its microphone.


#10: LittleBits

Ever hoped that creating things with electronics can be as simple as just snapping a couple of blocks together? With littleBits, it’s possible.

These building blocks are color-coded path modules, which your kid can attach to each other. The best part is that he or she doesn’t have to know electronics in order to create amazing things with them.

Additionally, it’s also possible to combine them perfectly with normal objects in order to create uncommon things such as a lively holiday.

Which displays a supernatural santa flying a reindeer when tapped. Your kid can also create a beautiful bow tie, which jiggles at your voice’s sound.


In Summary

Did you know that robotic toys are both fun and educational? With their eerie ability to perform tasks brilliantly as well as respond in human-like ways, there’s something fascinating about toy robots regardless of one’s age.

While most of us adults only dreamt of those in movies, today’s lucky kids can play comfortably with their own robots.

There’s plenty of toy robots for kids in the market. The above are the top 10 great robot toys ideas that you can share with your friends.

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